We give high potentials the tools to succeed.

Does your enterprise need to transform itself? Do you need best-of-breed pragmatic leadership practices? Look no further. Empower your managers, directors and executives to become inspiring, proactive and ethical change agents. My team and I can help your organisation to…

  • Develop leadership bench strength
  • Retain top talent
  • Develop self-reliant problem solvers

For the past 20 years, Hervé Da Costa has trained hundreds of teams and thousands of professionals in over 30 countries on how to structure their work, teamwork, and plans to deliver outstanding results. The methods and high-performance frameworks he shares with clients have helped them achieve outcomes they did not, could not, even dare not dream of. Hervé will show you how to do much more than adapt to change—you will learn how to actually engineer your own future!

Hervé will mobilize your heart’s desire as well as your intellect. Based on rich and expansive experiences from one of today’s premier career coaches, this work shows you how to match your purpose to your passions!
— Marshall Goldsmith, the world #1 executive coach and author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller TRIGGERS

Testimony from Dominik Maier, Head of Business Development at TATA Interactive Systems

Leadership Development Services

Many organisations struggle with finding solutions that truly make an impact on bottom line results. Our leadership training and coaching programs help develop results-oriented, proactive leaders who can deliver increased engagement, improved performance, increased retention, and real results for your organisation.
We can help your organisation to…

  • Develop leadership bench strength
  • Retain top talent
  • Develop self-reliant problem solvers
  • Build trusting relationships


Learn to create your future

Develop resilience and mindfulness

Enhance your impact and posture

We offer high-powered 3-4 day residential personal mastery workshops based on the principles and methods of Hervé Da Costa's books. 

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Fundamentals of effective collaboration

Fundamentals of high-performance teams

Become a manager-coach

2-day leadership development workshops or your own customized action-learning advanced programs that we design and facilitate, lasting up to 8 months.  



CEO / executive transition coaching

Facilitation of strategic offsites

Executive team alignment offsites

Our CEO/senior exec coaching engagements are 6- to 12- month contracts. Our executive offsites typically last two days. 

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