My Journey

I was born in Nancy, France, and grew up in Africa. I attended graduate school in France and later became the first African to be accepted into the School of Engineering at UC Berkeley. I was presented with the MAP award for Exceptional Management from the Chancellor of the University of California and the outstanding teaching award from the UC Berkeley Society of Electrical Engineers.

I had the incredible opportunity to play a role in the creation of UNIX and the building blocks of the Internet while at Berkeley and the prestigious Xerox PARC in Silicon Valley and subsequently helped launch two successful startups. Now based in France's wine country, I coach business executives in over 30 countries, sharing the secrets of how to create long-term success.

I have always felt privileged and grateful to experience three different cultures in a deep way. I have spent equal time in Africa, France and California. As part of my work, I have encountered fabulous people from all over the world, including heads of states. For the past 12 years, I have been a high-performance mentor, coach and trainer in some of the largest organizations in the world, including UNICEF, Google, Roche, LVMH, Nespresso, and Volvo. I also contribute to the mission of several world-renowned Executive Development Programs in top business schools.

My passion to explore, to strive and to share

I have been training thousands of professionals in over 30 countries. They all share one thing: the desire to experience their true potential and contribute to their community. My purpose is to help you set your career - and potentially your entire life - on fire and experience how bountiful your life can be. I have been practicing Karaté since 1971, which contributes to understanding focus, discipline, persistence, and building internal peace. In my upcoming articles, I share how practicing a martial art helps build key leadership skills.

My family

I have been married to my wife, Annick, for over 30 years and we have visited many countries together. Annick is the leader behind the leader, the powerhouse in the background. We have two daughters, Pauline and Elise. When we are not visiting a new destination, we share our time between the French wine country and the San Francisco Bay Area.


Discover the landscape of high performance.

Reach a level of  impact you never imagined before.The tools, the frameworks and the exemples that I present will enable you to focus, to develop certainty and to strengthen your "zone of excellence". Your knowledge and options about where and how you lead yourself, your teams or your organisation will never be the same.

Some of my clients

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