Proactive people all share one thing: the desire to experience their true potential and contribute to their community. Our purpose is to help you unleash your full potential and impact your environment beyond your wild expectations.

I had the incredible opportunity to play a role in the creation of UNIX and the building blocks of the Internet while at UC Berkeley and the prestigious Xerox PARC in Silicon Valley.  Subsequently, I helped launch two successful startups. Now based in France's wine country, I coach business executives in over 30 countries, sharing the secrets of how to create long-term success. 

My passion for excellence

I have been practicing Karaté since 1971, which contributes to understanding discipline, persistence, and building internal harmony. Welcome to the Leadership Dojo.

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Reach a level of  impact you never imagined before. My leadership toolkit and frameworks  will help you develop certainty and strengthen your "zone of excellence".