Can better leadership help you... lose weight?

Can better leadership help you... lose weight ?! John Gallagher-Worthington lost 57kg in one year! Here is his message to me: it made my day... This is what coaching great people is all about.


Hi Hervé,

it's been just over a year now since I completed the leadership program, and I have used many of the things I learnt, to improve both my professional and personal objectives.

One of the elements we went over really resonated with me, you said to me "John, be strategic and live on the green curve".

It flicked a switch in my head. So by now you may well be thinking how has this impacted me. I decided to get my house in order and tackle my own personal demons.

I was very over weight, It had been an issue I had been dealing with most of my adult life. However I felt somewhat empowered after your lectures and decided it was time to change everything, starting with my weight. So over the last year I have focused on me and lost 125lbs (57kg).

Now I have achieved this I feel I can now go on to really drive my professional ambitions. My sky is now so very blue, thank you again Hervé Da Costa.