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I understand the challenge of finding just the right speaker about leadership. In my prior role of Company Officer at Scientific Learning and throughout my journey in over 30 countries coaching thousands of inviduals on creating high performance leadership, I have found it fundamentally important to outline the core issues, frameworks and methods that deliver real transformation.

What you can expect

Here’s what you can expect from me and my team:

  1. Prompt, professional replies to your phone calls and email messages.
  2. A personal phone consultation so we can better understand how I can best serve you and your audience.
  3. A professionally prepared, dynamically delivered presentation focused on achieving the outcomes you want with your audience.
  4. A custom resource page, exclusively created for your attendees. It will include the slides I used in the presentation, along with links to books, articles, and other resources I believe will be helpful.
  5. A quick follow-up communication after the event to make sure I met your expectations.

A little bit about me

I have been lecturing and speaking publicly for over 20 years in more than 30 countries. Early in my career, I was presented with the MAP award for Exceptional Management from the Chancellor of the University of California and the outstanding teaching award from the UC Berkeley Society of Electrical Engineers. I had the incredible opportunity to play a role in the creation of UNIX and the building blocks of the Internet while at Berkeley and the prestigious Xerox PARC in Silicon Valley and subsequently helped launch two successful startups. Now based in France's wine country, I coach business executives, sharing the secrets of how to create long-term success.

I am the author of the best seller What Color Is Your Sky? and I now devote most of my time writing, consulting, and speaking. I have been happily married to my wife, Annick, for thirty-two years. We have two daughters and we share our time between the French wine country and the San Francisco Bay Area. I have been practicing Karate for over 40 years.

My Video Clips





A talk on how to define a compelling future and how to craft an inspiring path. The audience learns how to shift to a proactive, vision seeking mindset, to visualize success and to define the concrete, down-to-earth steps to create momentum. This talk invites the participants to define their role has key contributors to the future of their enterprise. It is a powerful introduction to the Sweat & Soul framework for high performance leadership outlined in the book  What Color Is Your Sky?

Shifting from Busy-Ness to Business

A power talk on how managers can create time, re-organize their daily work to focus on meaningful priorities. Learn to say no, to delegate efficiently, to manage your boss and to not waste your energy doing the wrong thing. Find out how to eliminate the email tsunami and drastically reduce the number of useless meetings. This is beyond saving time, it is about learning to multiple time.

Five steps to become a change agent

A talk on how to transform managers to become key actors of transformation. Participants learn to clarify their role, how to shift their posture, and how to move from passive/reactive to proactive. They learn why great ideas,  new concepts and proposals for innovation fail to get approved. They learn the process to get at the root lever to create urgency, commitment and engagement.They also learn to manage opponents, internal political saboteurs and Nay Sayers.

HOw to create high-performance learning

A powerful talk on learning to learn about high performance. We redefine the notion of performance to make it meaningful and attainable. We also redefine how durable learning is created through specific time-tested frameworks and understand why most leadership development training initiatives fail to reach their potential. Participants leave with clear guidelines on how to create an effective personal development plan.

A Little Bit About Me

I have been lecturing and speaking publicly for more than 20 years in over 30 countries. Early in my career I was presented with the MAP award for Exceptional Management from the Chancellor of the University of California and the outstanding teaching award from the UC Berkeley Society of Electrical Engineers.

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