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Here are several ways to work with me:

  • Follow these steps:  1) Join my mailing list and immediately read and apply my free material. Start by creating time and focus.  2) Practice the methods in my book What Color Is The Sky? Feel your perspective broaden and your true desires begin to emerge, to create long term success and joy. 3) When you start reading my book, email me a picture of you with my book and I will invite you to my inner circle - THE BLUE SKY JEDIS. This is an exclusive, private community on Facebook that shares and supports each other - tons of free information. You can also join me on LinkedIn and read my regular posts.
  • Attend a personal leadership workshop. Several times a year, I organize personal growth workshops in France. This is a gathering of achievers who practice the Sweat and Soul Cycle. Your progress is far greater when everybody in your room commits to support you. Collective intelligence kicks in and multiplies the creative resources at your disposal. You may be able to attend at a very low cost.
  • Hire me as a keynote speaker or an executive coach/consultant. I have been speaking publicly, facilitating executive retreats and helping organisations boost the impact of their Learning & Development efforts for over 20 years.  Popular themes include how to:
    • Boost the effectiveness of your top team
    • Transform your organization by creating proactive managers
    • Manage change in digital transformation initiatives
    • Turn high-potential managers into inspiring change agents.

I have worked with corporations, trade conferences, trade associations, and non-profit organizations all over the world in English and in French.

  • Join my CEO Circle. I lead a paid mastermind group for a handful of qualified high achievers. The membership is for a year. This is not for babies! I expect full commitment to act proactively and willingness to receive feedback from your teammates. We work mostly through Skype, Google Hangouts and organized webinars. It involves bi-monthly group video conferences, individual coaching, and once-a-year group meetings in southern France, Paris, or San Francisco. You will receive coaching from me and other world-class experts who work with me. And you receive access to all my personal leadership workshops and online courses at no cost. 

What people say:

Hervé has a gift for showing organizations what it really takes to be successful. Most company strategies are never implemented. Hervé shows you why this is, and how to move forward.  Any serious leader who wants to take their organization to the next level should have Hervé work with their executive teamTim Kelley, organizational purpose expert and author of True Purpose

Hervé has a great sense of the quality of service he provides to his customers... who are treated as real partners and not "just" clients. He has an outstanding energy and a listening capacity that enable him to adapt to any demand and create customized and effective sessions - Patricia Tranvouëz, General Manager at Kenzo Perfumes, LVMH

I have had the absolute pleasure to work with Hervé on numerous executive development programs. He is a REAL coach and gets REAL results. He is, above all, a great person! - Dan Evans, Chief Innovation Officer at EMLYON Business School