What Color Is Your Sky?

How do the ultra successful

become that way?

Is it through hard work? Superior mindset? Actually, it’s both. But that's not the whole story...
 There is a third element, one that aligns these two obvious components of the super-successful person.
What Color Is Your Sky? teaches you how to identify this third element to powerfully fuel consistent action, revealing universal principles and habits to help you create an unimaginably satisfying life within your environment. Learn how to be more dynamic and proactive, focus over the long haul, and experience an invigorating level of success on a daily basis. You can reverse-engineer your future, starting today!

Michel Rochat, CEO of the world famous École Hôtelière de Lausanne says Push your limits, look beyond, and discover the landscape of high performance! What Color Is Your Sky? is a source of inspiration… You will find diamonds behind each sentence, behind each example. If you are drawn to the unknown terrain of high performance, then you are holding the book you need in your hands.

Tim Kelley, global change agent and author of True Purpose says This book cuts to the very heart of what stands in the way of people having what they really want.  There are thousands of books that encourage people to dream big and go after their desires; this one also shows you how to deal with the very real internal and external obstacles that are in the way of your dreams.  If you’re serious about having what you want, get this book and do what it says!


Valérie Orsoni, Founder, Lebootcamp.com and best-selling author of 15 healthy-living books says What Color Is Your Sky? is a powerful guide to obtain results you have never thought possible. It enables you to reveal and reach your true potential. If you are serious about succeeding, this book is a must!


Marcia Wieder, CEO, Dream University and best-selling author of DREAM says Hervé Da Costa combines inspiration with pragmatic advice in this very readable and useful life- and work-guide. Illustrated with case studies from Hervé’s consulting practice and key points in his own remarkable personal journey, this practical toolbox will be one of my go-to references. Hervé reminds us that we all need to listen to our inner voices and nourish our souls, a process that can help us to become more effective and productive as people and as leaders.

Sheryle Bolton, Former CEO, Scientific Learning, and CEO, Sally Ride Science says What Color Is Your Sky? is for those who are serious about making their dreams concrete. Through inspiring stories and powerful practices, Hervé shows how to gain momentum and reverse-engineer your future, step by practical step. He helps you push past doubt and procrastination to find a deep connection with the powerful person you truly are.


Dominik Maier, Principal & Head of Corporate Business at TATA Interactive Systems GmbH says From the very first page, Hervé's book will change the way you look at yourself and impact others – in business and in your personal relationships. It is in no way shallow like many other management books. "What Color Is Your Sky?" goes deep and features memorable stories. Hervé provokes. And he provides powerful insights, as the book comes with hands-on, applicable tools, and exercises that enable you realize your full potential. To me, Hervé Da Costa’s book is up there with the work of Steven R. Covey and the like. Eye-opening and thoroughly engaging.